Scrum Study Certifications


Scrum Study Certifications

VMEdu is a leader in the professional training and certifcation industry and has facilitated the training of 500,000+ students from 3,500+ corporations across 150+ countries through its global network of 800+ training partners.
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Scrum Developer Certifed (SDC™)

Scrum Developer Certifed (SDC™) is an entry-level certifcation for Scrum Team members and those who interact with any Scrum Team. The objective of this certifcation is to ensure that students understand the basics that Scrum Team members need to know in order to effectively contribute to a Scrum project. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to apply Scrum effectively as Scrum Team members in Scrum/Agile projects. 

Scrum Master Certifed (SMC™)

Scrum Master Certifed (SMC™) is a certifcation for Scrum Masters and experienced practitioners needing or wanting more advanced instruction. The objective of this certi cation is to con rm that the applicants have achieved suf cient understanding of how to apply Scrum in projects and how to tailor Scrum to a particular scenario.

Scrum Product Owner Certifed (SPOC™)

Scrum Product Owner Certfied (SPOC™) is a certi cation for Product Owners and experienced practitioners who represent the business interests in a project. The Scrum Product Owner Certi ed (SPOC™) certi cation is designed to con rm the applicant’s practical knowledge of Scrum that equips them to understand business aspects and  interact with multiple stakeholders in a Scrum environment.

SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certifed (SAMC™)

SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certifed (SAMC™) professionals possess a wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of the values, methods and intricacies of Agile. The objective of this certi cation is to ensure that applicants have the ability to compare and choose the appropriate methodology in a given situation.